Glencoe Space 1/72 Retreiver Rocket (Replaces #5002) Kit

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In 1956 space pioneer Wernher von Braun published in The Exploration of Mars, the final version of his proposed manned expedition to the red planet. This was the most elaborate and detailed description of a manned Mars expedition conceived up to that time and the most plausible. The return trip required the astronauts to enter a high earth orbit as a way of conserving fuel. A specially designed transfer rocket would rendezvous with the Mars explorers and carry them to the orbiting space station. From there, they would eventually board a winged shuttle that would take them back to the earth.
The Retriever Rocket is the interorbital transfer rocket. A large radar/radio antenna dish, extra fuel tanks and bottle suit airlock completes the necessary alterations from the fuselage of standard von Braun-designed shuttle. It carries a crew of two and is designed to carry up to 12 passengers. This kit accurately portrays this concept.
  • Decals
  • Stand
  • Detachable bottle suit containing a crew member

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