Gecko 1/35 Cruiser A10 Mk IA/IIA CS Tank (New Tool) Kit

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Between the wars, the British developed a tank doctrine of specialized tanks for specialized roles. One of these was the Cruiser tank which was designed to be fast in order to exploit breakthroughs and cause chaos and destruction behind enemy lines. The A9 was one such design, but was found to be too lightly armored and so the A10 was developed with increased armor, although unsurprisingly, this reduced the speed so that the A10 was no longer suitable as cruiser tank.

However, this spawned one variant, the A10 Mk IA CS (Close Support), which was armed with the 3.7in howitzer instead of the standard 2pdr of the time, the howitzer and its smoke rounds with some HE, as well as its reduced speed making it perfect for the infantry support role.
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