Fine Scale Miniatures HO I.M. Dunn Co. Coal Yard Wood & Metal Kit


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The I.M. Dunn Co. Coal Yard kit by Fine Scale Miniatures harks back to a time when thousands of different kinds of coal yards dotted the American landscape. Most were serviced by the railroad and coal hoppers could be seen moving on and off the unloading trestle frequently. Loaded with railroad atmosphere, I.M. Dunn is a totally unique kit and was designed by noted modeler George Sellios. This craftsman kit requires modeling skill and includes wood and metal parts to build the structures shown plus complete instructions. The finished kit requires a footprint of about 11 x 13" as shown in the pictures. I.M. Dunn can be built as a coal yard or as a sand and gravel yard. It's a welcome addition to any trackside scene.
  • Total Area Footprint: 11 x 13"

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