Freedom Model Aircraft 1/48 X47B UCAV (Unmanned Combat Air System) USN Modern Aircraft Kit

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Estimated Processing Time: 2-3 Business Days

  • Finely engraved panel lines
  • Folding wing and flap options
  • Weapon bay door can be positioned open or closed
  • Arrestor hook can be posed up or down
  • Nose gear can be built in either launch or stowed position
  • Multiple decal and paint options provided
  • Complete engine intake and exhaust duct assembly
  • Positionable weapons bay doors
  • Two GBU-31 2000lb JDAMS
  • Positionable landing gear
  • Positionable spoilers/speed brakes
  • Positionable elevators
  • Positionable flaperons
  • Positionable tailhook
  • Positionable landing gear
  • Nicely detailed landing gear
  • Choice of nose gear struts (catapult launch bar up or down)
  • Wings can be folded or extended

Markings for:

  • X-47B, 168063, AV-1, CVW-9, NG/501
  • X-47B, 168064, AV-2, CVW-9, NG/502

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