FC Modeltips Vol.1 Book

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Focused on easy tips and tricks for military modeling paint techniques that can be as handy for beginners as for experienced modelers, saving time in the painting and weathering processes and getting the most professional and realistic results.

The intention of this book is to share with other modellers a collection of very easy techniques, some useful and well known, some completely original, all with the purpose of making the process of painting and weathering a model easier and faster, and above all, enjoyable, so that the modeller can go on to the next project, just for fun, just for the joy of modelling, the pleasure of achieving the most realistic replica of the original.

This book shows a collection of tricks and ideas about building and painting military models using Vallejo paints, pigments, washes and additives. 
  • 120 Pages
  • 21 articles showing more than 30 very easy tips, ideas and techniques to finishing your military models like a Pro

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