Faller HO Dairy w/Storage Silos Kit

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Full churn! Modern fresh milk dairy comprised of a two-story demonstration facility with storage and administration rooms and loading platform at the rear, one-storey selling room and one small and two large tanks made of stainless steel for the outdoor intermediate storage or maturation of the raw milk delivered. Combined production works and attraction world: the main glazed facade allows the visitors of that show-dairy to watch the bottling and labeling lines from a short distance. The kit includes some parts to drive three belt conveyors when using FALLER modeler’s synchronous motor art. 180629. From the cow to the shop counter: people are then able to sniff, taste and buy the specialties produced in the adjacent large selling room fitted with cooling shelves, that room being accessible via small outdoor stairs.
  • 991 single parts in 12 colors
  • Window foil
  • Paper mask
  • Construction instruction
  • 10-5/8 x 7-1/16 x 4-1/4"

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