Echelon Decals 1/35 US 3rd Inf Div M1A1HA Abrams Pt3

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Complete markings for ONE entire platoon (four 2nd platoon gun tanks from C company), plus three other vehicles. Two of which are HQ vehicles plus a C company commander's tank.

Of special mention are the (not one but two!) HQ gun tanks. These vehicle are marked differently in many ways as compared to the typical 1-64th Armor platoon-level vehicle markings.

With this sheet, you'll be able to build a simple 2-vehicle diorama to as complex as 4 vehicles in one setting since the tanks in each platoon usually stick to each other! This set includes stencilings for the mine plows and two different types of LOGMARS shipping labels, plus more!

Lastly, as a bonus, a patch sheet enough for 4 tanker figures. These are very hard and costly to print as the details are extremely fine.

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