Dumas Wooden Planes 17-1/2" Wingspan PT19 Fairchild Rubber Pwd Aircraft Laser Cut Wooden Kit

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Dumas' line of walnut scale planes (17-1/2" wingspan) are so chock full of quality features, that building has once again become part of the fun.

Beginners will be astonished by the ease of construction, while experienced modelers will appreciate the quality materials and precision laser cut parts. This kit is just one of many selections representing exciting models that captures the best model aviation has to offer.

Besides offering the cleanest laser cuts and most comprehensive plans of any free flight kit we provide the following quality features:

  • "Stick and Tissue" construction (many small sticks glued together to
  • form the airplane and then the frame is covered with tissue paper)
  • Over 60 laser-cut parts and hand selected balsa
  • Lightweight white tissue paper covering
  • Color peel-and-stick decal set
  • Full-size plan and step-by-step instructions
  • Plastic propeller, tailwheel and 2-two-piece wheels
  • Vacuum-formed plastic cowling, wheel pants and clear plastic
  • windshield sheet
  • F.A.I. tan II contest rubber bands
  • Un-bent landing gear wire and pre-hooked propeller shaft


  • Full-size plans
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Balsa sticks
  • Laser-cut balsa sheets
  • Vacuum-formed cowling & canopy
  • 5" (127mm) plastic propeller, wheels
  • Wire propeller shaft & landing gear
  • Tissue paper
  • Decals
  • Clear plastic windshield

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