Dragon Models Aircraft 1/72 Heinkel He 219A-5/R4 Kit


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As Germany suffered terribly from interminable Allied bombing as WWII progressed, a number of new weapons were fielded. The Heinkel He 219 Uhu (Eagle-Owl), a night-fighter, was one such weapon. The He 219 was a very effective aircraft in the Luftwaffe, but due to political wrangling, production was too low to have any impact on the course of the war. The effectiveness of the night-fighter can be seen in its debut, when a pre-production aircraft shot down five Allied bombers in one night! The A-5 was to be a major production variant of the Uhu, the craft possessing a 90MHz VHF Telefunken FuG 220 Liechtenstein SN-2 radar system with a range of 4km. This was very useful in hunting down bombers at night.

A new 1/72 scale from Dragon contains an He 219A-5/R4, the “R4” referring to a variant with a third crewmember and the addition of a rear-facing MG 131 for self-defense. This aircraft model is of a very high standard, based on the successes of a previous He 219 kit. To suit this new variant, a completely new canopy has been designed. Other components utilize high quality molds for greater accuracy. Naturally for such a contemporary kit, photo-etched parts are included to maximize and enhance detail. Decals from Cartograf offer modelers different markings to finish their Uhu.
  • New tooled 3-seat cockpit with detail specific to He219A5/R4
  • New tooled and delicately detailed MG131 for rear-seat position
  • New tooled canopy with ultimate level of detail for He219A5/R4
  • Photo-etched parts to enhance details
  • New Cartograf decal offers different markings

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