Dragon Military Models Black Label 1/35 British Heavy Tank Conqueror Kit

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The newest Black Label kit is the FV214 Conqueror, a heavy tank design featuring a 120mm main gun. Developed specifically as a response to the Soviet IS-3 tank, it was envisaged as a partner for the British Army’s mainstream and contemporary Centurion (armed with a smaller 20-pdr gun) tank so it could give a long-range anti-tank reach. A total of 20 Conqueror Mk.I and 165 Conqueror Mk.II tanks were produced from 1955-59, and they were allocated to tank regiments stationed in Germany. Its weight of 66 tons was a disadvantage as this impinged upon its speed and it was too heavy for many bridges. Of special interest was its technologically advanced commander’s rotating cupola.

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