Dragon Military Models 1/72 SdKfz 165 Hummel Early Tank Kit

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Accepting Back Orders - Will Ship When Available

The Hummel (‘Bumble Bee’) was a self-propelled artillery unit based on the Geschutzwagen III/IV chassis, armed with a 150 mm howitzer. It was used by the German Wehrmacht in World War II from late 1942 until the end of the war. The Hummel was designed in 1942 out of a need for mobile artillery support for the tank forces, the lack of which had first been felt during Operation Barbarossa. There were some self-propelled artillery vehicles already in service with the Wehrmacht at the time, but most were of limited value.

The first option looked at was to mount a 105 mm leFH17 howitzer on a Panzer III chassis, but this was rejected in favor of the same howitzer on a Panzer IV chassis. One prototype was built of this design. This design was again rejected, this time in favor of a more powerful solution: mounting the 150 mm sFH 18 L/30 howitzer on the specially designed Geschutzwagen III/IV, which took elements of both the Panzer III and Panzer IV chassis. The same chassis was also used for the Nashorn tank destroyer. 

The Hummel had an open-topped lightly-armored fighting compartment at the back of the vehicle which housed both the howitzer and the crew. The engine was moved to the center of the vehicle to make room for this compartment. Late model Hummels had a slightly redesigned driver compartment and front superstructure, to offer more room to the radio operator and driver.

By the end of the war, 714 Hummels had been built with another 150 ammunition carriers using the same design. 
This kit features an early production Hummel and even incorporates moving parts, allowing modelers to traverse and elevate the 15cm gun! We've added some great details to this one, so don't miss it. 

Main Features: 
  • Newly tooled lower hull 
  • Completely new 15cm howitzer gun with well-defined and crisp details 
  • 15cm gun can traverse and elevate just like the real thing 
  • Frontal armor plate, gun shield and gun platform are all new 
  • Fighting compartment with new storage boxes and ammo racks 
  • Metal spare road wheel racks 
  • New gun traveling clamp 
  • Dragon Styrene one-piece tracks 
  • Option of photo-etched or plastic parts for hull-side air intake louvers 
  • Road wheel hubs are separate pieces, allowing 
  • Unparallel crispness of details 
  • One-piece return rollers and road wheels for easier assembly 
  • Cartograf decals for various vehicles 

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