Dragon Military Models 1/35 Sdkfz 10/5 w/Armored Cab & 2cm Flak 38 Gun Kit


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Around 14,000 Sd.Kfz.10 halftracks were built from 1938-45. Several specialist vehicles were based on this halftrack design, among them the Sd.Kfz.10/5. This vehicle had a platform on the rear for carrying an anti-aircraft 2cm FlaK 38 cannon. The purpose-built platform had fold-down sides and rear to give the crew more workspace when in combat. The weapon system was used by both the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe, and of course the weapon could be equally effective against ground targets. In 1943, the Luftwaffe ordered 293 sets of Behelfspanzerung (armor plates) to protect its Sd.Kfz.10/5 antiaircraft halftracks.

Dragon has taken the Sd.Kfz.10/5 a step further by releasing a kit of the halftrack with the specially armored cab. The design team made full utilization of high-quality engineering for this armored version that had steel plates around the cab and over the radiator. The kit’s fully detailed, and even internal components like the engine and gearbox that are normally hidden beneath the armor are there. Of course, it also makes use of Dragon’s world-famous 2cm FlaK 38 kit. Upgraded road wheels and Magic Tracks from the earlier kit have resulted in a spectacular halftrack that possesses a very different appearance to the regular Sd.Kfz.10/5. Designed to hit low-flying Allied aircraft, this vehicle offers better protection for its crew and a novel appearance for the model-maker!

  • Newly designed armored radiator cover can be assembled open/closed
  • Newly designed armored cab plates
  • Hood of newly designed armored cab can be assembled open/closed
  • Flatbed drop-sides and tailgate can be assembled folded up/down for tavel or combat
  • Intricate platform w/details
  • Highly detailed driver's compartment
  • Intricately detailed internal mechanical components: engine, gearbox compressed-air tank, suspension and exhaust
  • Fender stowage box for Kar98k rifles can be assembled open/closed
  • Realistic engine hood formed from multiple parts w/open louver detail
  • One-piece slide-molded lower hull - Intricate engine housing
  • Engine represented by multiple parts
  • Fully detailed steering components
  • Steering wheels' suspension as per the actual vehicle
  • Delicate gearbox included
  • Accurate 2cm Flak 38 cannon can be adjusted to different positions
  • Gun shield is molded to scale thickness
  • Gun cradle offers great definition of detail
  • Even weld seams are presented
  • Round base plate w/authentic details
  • Accurate weld seams on sides of gun platform
  • Rear crossbeam w/roller and trailer coupling depicted like the real one
  • Delicate fuel tank included
  • 2 kinds of battery boxes available as options
  • Three types of barrel (standard model, late model and Schwebelafette version) can be assembled
  • Slide-molded gun barrel w/hollow muzzle opening
  • Hole positions and shape of flash suppressor & muzzle brake subtly represented
  • Includes clear lenses for headlamps
  • Slide-molded suspension arms and springs w/delicate detail
  • Drive sprocket w/multiple-part assembly to achieve the highest levels of detail and accuracy
  • Road wheels with precise detail
  • Magic Tracks for convenience of assembly

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