Dragon Military Models 1/35 PzKpfw IV Ausf D DAK Tank Tropical Version Smart Kit

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Accepting Back Orders - Will Ship When Available

Dragon offers a pretty complete lineup of the popular Panzer IV family tree in 1/35 scale, but owing to the vehicle’s widespread use by German forces throughout the entirety of WWII, there’s always room for something special! Thus, the newest Panzer IV plastic kit from Dragon is an Ausf.D Tropical Version, a type used in combat in North Africa. Production of the Ausf.D commenced later in 1939, with some 248 produced altogether. Improvements included the reintroduction of the hull machine gun and an external mantlet instead of the previously used internal one. Side armor was thickened to 20mm too. The Deutches Afrika Korps (DAK) used it in North Africa though it was soon superseded by more effective longer-gunned versions.

This 1/35 scale kit is a fantastic offering, which adds appeal to the Ausf.D already available in the collection. That particular model released earlier was sophisticated and extremely detailed, though novice modelers may have found it a challenge. However, this Ausf.D DAK version has received the Smart Kit treatment, which means it’s now incredibly easy to assemble. This is obvious when it comes to details such as the road wheels and other parts of the running gear. The end result is a tank that modelers can put together without any fuss, straight from the box. And speaking of the box, the artwork on the lid by Ron Volstad will surely inspire modelers. It shows an impressive scene of the tank in full combat mode. With this illustration before their eyes, modelers will almost feel the sand between their fingers as they plan their next North African diorama scene!

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