Dragon Military Models 1/35 28cm K5(E) Leopold German Railway Gun (Re-issue) Kit

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Accepting Back Orders - Will Ship When Available

It has been so long since this particular kit has been available to aficionado modelers that Dragon has decided to offer a reproduction of this enormous subject. Demand for this 1/35 scale kit has been steadily accumulating for some period, and the time is now right to return it to the ranks of Dragon’s catalog. Furthermore, to celebrate the renewed availability and reproduction of this kit, it’s being offered with a brand new bonus barrel made from turned aluminum. Although the aluminum replacement does not depict the entire barrel, this long section does replace the muzzle-ended part of the barrel with superior detail such as rifling. Dragon is certainly on the right track in releasing this mighty artillery weapon for the second time, but modelers will have to be swift lest they miss out a second time!

Bonus part exclusive in this production! Muzzel Section of the long barrel is made of aluminum! 
  • Includes a 43" long railway track section. 
  • Completed model is over 35" long! 
  • Rail gun can be moved for lifelike poses. 
  • True to 1/35th scale


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