Dragon Military Models 1/35 1/4-Ton 4x4 Armored Truck Kit

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Accepting Back Orders - Will Ship When Available

The military vehicle known in official US nomenclature as Truck, 1/4 Ton, 4x4, is probably the world’s most famous design in its class. This iconic WWII vehicle was produced from 1941-45, with more than 634,000 rolling off American production lines. They faithfully served not only the US military, but also allies like the UK, France and Russia. These small 4x4 vehicles were employed in numerous battlefield tasks, with one role being that of reconnaissance and scouting. Some vehicles involved in such missions were fitted with steel plates to better protect the occupants, and early efforts soon led to the fitting of specially designed armor kits.

Following a very popular earlier release (Item No.6714), Dragon produced another exciting 1/35 scale kit of a 1/4-Ton Armored 4x4 Truck. The difference is that it carries two bazookas instead of the original kit’s .50-cal machine gun. The twin bazookas are fitted on a pintle mount that’s newly tooled especially for this release. Such an improvised weapon installation was observed on scout jeeps during the Battle of the Bulge, for example. The vehicle features a solid one-piece body tub for accurate assembly and alignment. Under the hood is an extremely realistic-looking engine that assembles from multiple parts; it can be shown off if the modeler chooses to model the hood up. Atop the hood, the windscreen is depicted wrapped in a canvas cover. The new armor plates are rendered in photo-etched metal to give a true-to-scale appearance, while other metal components provide items such as tool mounting brackets, hood retainers and various straps. All in all, this is one extremely potent little vehicle!

  • Newly tooled 1/4 Ton 4x4 Truck
  • Intricately detailed bazookas w/newly tooled mount
  • Photo-etched armor plates newly produced
  • Photo-etched hood newly produced
  • Canvas windscreen cover molded w/details
  • Slide-molded jerry cans w/photo-etched racks represented by multiple parts
  • Delicate headamp w/photo-etched parts is included
  • Detailed dashboard & driver's compartment
  • Armored plate over front grille
  • Intricate engine grille reproduced
  • On-vehicle tools w/photo-etched parts
  • Highly detailed steering mechanism and suspension system
  • Highly detailed chassis
  • Well defined wheels w/authentic tire tread pattern
  • One-piece slide-molded body tub
  • Compartment sides rendered w/rivets and fine details
  • Well-detailed seats w/realistic cloth pattern
  • Complex engine represented by multiple part

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