Dragon Military Models 1/35 T1E1 Heavy Tank (3 in 1) Black Label Series Kit

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Heavily armed, the T1E1 featured a 76.2mm main gun and 37mm coaxial gun in a three-man turret. There were also two 0.30-cal machine guns in the bow, another in the commander’s cupola and a 0.50-cal machine gun on a rotor mount at the rear of the turret for antiaircraft use. It required a crew of six.

Under its Back Label line of plastic kits, Dragon has created a splendid 1/35 scale kit of the Heavy Tank T1E1. Black Label already offers kits of the M6 and M6A1 in the same scale, so this is a useful addition to this interesting family of US tanks.b> The kit features a brand new upper hull with the engine deck details different from the M6 and M6A1, and new lower hull rear plate. Details are carefully rendered and it fits together easily. Moreover, a US tank crew figure set is included as a BONUS. This is the perfect chance to scoop up and complete this trio of US heavy metal! Actually, this kit is a 3 in 1 version, that consists of parts for building one of T1E1 or an M6 or an M6A1.

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