Dragon Military 1/35 Bergepanzerwagen IV / Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. H Mid Production (2 in 1) Smart Kit

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Shipped From Internet Hobbies Warehouse

Dragon’s newest 1/35 scale 2-in-1 kit permits the model-maker to build either the recovery vehicle or a Panzer IV combat tank. Normally a 2-in-1 kit has two very similar vehicle variants enclosed in the one box, but this one stands out for the very dissimilar vehicles on offer. Indeed, modelers can thus choose to make something that looks quite different. This kit employs high-quality parts from Dragon’s Panzer IV family, including numerous slide-molded components and even photo-etched metal parts such as the side skirts to give a true-to-scale thickness.
  • Kit accurately reproduce the shape of the upper hull, lower hull and turrets using slide molds
  • Includes belt-type DS track that are easy to assemble
  • In the IV No. H medium-term model, an additional Schulzen armor plate was equipped on the side of the body and around the turret. Schulzen on the side of the car body has metal parts.
  • The 7.5cm cannon of the main gun also has exacting muzzle brake and gun sleeve details
  • In the tank recovery vehicle type, the plate parts that block the part from which the turret was removed are expressed with plenty of surface texture.
  • The crane can be built in either its folded state or extended.  The crane's pulleys are carefully reproduced.
  • Chain parts used are made with photo-etched parts for a sharp finish

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