Dragon Model Ships 1/700 HMS Sheffield Destroyer 25th Anniv Falklands War Kit

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On the 25th anniversary of the Falklands War, Dragon has re-launched the HMS Sheffield as a 1/700 scale Premium Edition kit. Commemorating the ship that was lost, the model is fitted out exactly as it appeared during that conflict. As is usual for a Premium Edition release, the model is lavishly supplied with a range of new parts to enhance detail and the modeler’s build experience. There are numerous photo-etched parts to improve detail and add realism e.g. antennas, handrails, helicopter rotor blades. While HMS Sheffield may have been taken by surprise by two Argentine Super Étendard fighters, this new model from Dragon offers a much more pleasant surprise for model ship fans. This vessel has been brought up to the most modern kit standards, plus it remembers an important event in recent Royal Navy history.

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