Dragon Models Aircraft 1/48 Focke Wulf Ta152C-0 Fighter Kit

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As WWII progressed, Germany suffered terribly under Allied bombing raids. This meant the nation needed more effective high-altitude interceptor aircraft to fight off the heavy bombers. One solution was the Focke-Wulf Ta152, a high-altitude interceptor fighter derived from the Fw190. There were three different versions planned, with the Ta152C designed for lower-altitude operations and ground attack. Thus it had a different engine and smaller wings than the Ta152H and Ta152E. Interestingly, the name was changed from Fw to Ta to reflect the important influence paid by designer Kurt Tank. The first Ta152H entered service in January 1945, and with only a little over 40 production aircraft, it had minimal impact on the result of WWII. Because of the rush to get the aircraft into production, insufficient time was allotted to its development, leading to teething problems.

This particular kit is of the Ta152C-0, which was a pre-production aircraft. Although only one prototype was built, this kit from Dragon means it is available to all modelers. The kit includes brand new wings, plus a new engine and radiator cowling. These new parts, as well as highly detailed elements for the rest of the aircraft, are accurately detailed and dimensionally correct. The plastic parts are sharply molded, and there are options for showing such parts as the cowling flaps or cockpit open or closed. Two frets of photo-etched parts are also offered to upgrade detail. This is an exciting kit of a novel aircraft, and for modelers wanting a late-war interceptor, this Ta152C-0 from Dragon is the answer.
  • Newly tooled fuselage engine and radiator cowling 
  • Newly tooled propeller can rotate 
  • Newly tooled wings accurately represented real ones 
  • Highly detailed and newly tooled radiator cowling w/options for flaps open/closed 
  • Detailed Ta152C-0 fuselage w/accurate design 
  • Air intake realistically produced 
  • Tail w/fine detail 
  • Detailed cockpit canopy made from clear parts 
  • Canopy can be assembled open/closed 
  • Photo-etched parts to upgrade details 
  • Detailed landing gear

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