Dragon Models Aircraft 1/48 Fw190A7 Luftwaffe Fighter w/Slipper Fuel Tanks Kit

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A research team at Graf Zeppelin Flugzeugwerke designed an experimental prototype for extended range flying based on the A-7 version of the famous WWII German Fw190. The A-7 had entered production in late 1943 and featured two 13mm MG131 machine guns and strengthened landing gear. However, the A-7 was soon to be eclipsed by the superior A-8 model, meaning that only eighty were ever manufactured. The prototype A-7 ‘Doppelreiter’, as it was known, boasted 270-liter “slipper” fuel tanks, one mounted on each wing’s upper surface.
  • Newly tooled "Slipper" tanks
  • Photo-etched parts to represent cockpit, seat belt, antennae and other details
  • New decals from Cartograf

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