Cyber-Hobby Military 1/35 54cm Morser Loki Gerat 041 w/Crew Kit

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>The  set features a 1/35 scale kit of the German 54cm Mörser plus a set of crewmen to operate it. This self-propelled mortar was huge! Weighing in at 124 tons and measuring 11.37m long, a total of six such vehicles were manufactured by Rheinmetall-Borsig in 1940-41. This vehicle was known as the Gerät 041 when the 54cm barrel was fitted, a move designed to increase the range of the original 60cm mortar. The vehicle was moved by a V12 Daimler-Benz engine to a maximum speed of 10km/h. The weight of the s Be Granate mortar round that it fired was 1.58 tons. The maximum rate of fire of six rounds per hour demonstrates that its ultimate purpose was for usage as a siege weapon. The specific vehicle featured in this kit is Loki, which was the fifth weapon in the series to be produced.

This Orange Box set also includes six German soldiers. They are specially designed to fit this Mörser, and each one is sharply molded as he goes about his business around the artillery piece. The kit of the Gerät 041 mortar comes with two complete chassis. This allows modelers to choose whether to show the mortar in firing mode or in transport mode, since the chassis would be lowered for firing. As an Orange Box item, this 1/35 scale set has a pricing point that modelers will find extremely economical. This is indeed one monster of a set…at one reasonable price!

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