Cyber-Hobby Aircraft 1/48 Bf110D Nachtjager Fighter Kit

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The Bf110 from Messerschmitt was produced in large numbers by Germany during WWII. The Bf110 was a twin-engine heavy fighter. While it achieved success as a fighter early in WWII, it received a mauling at the hands of the RAF during the Battle of Britain. As a result, many aircraft were withdrawn from the type of combat they were originally designed for, and they were instead used for other purposes such as fighter-bomber or reconnaissance aircraft. One new role for the Bf110 was as a night-fighter (Nachtjäger), and indeed this was a successful role as it was to become the major night-fighting aircraft of the Luftwaffe.

The Bf110D was essentially a long-range version that could carry a large fuel drop tank, plus a life raft for emergency use. Fitted with radar systems, the first Bf110D night-fighters were sent to Holland with NJG.1 to gain operational experience. In service, many aircraft were painted in matt black paint to enhance their nighttime stealth. From these beginnings, Germany eventually created more capable night-fighters such as the Bf110F-4 and G-4. This Wing-Tech kit possesses all the inherent detail of Cyber-Hobby’s previously released and highly applauded Bf110 family (consisting of the Bf110D-3 and Bf110D-1/R2 “Dackelbauch”). As a night-fighter, the kit features the characteristic radar antennas. These are provided as both plastic-injected and photo-etched parts to allow the modeler to choose their medium of preference. Modelers are bound to be delighted with the level of detail and accuracy of this interesting Wing-Tech kit.

- Detailed FuG 202 aerial bracket mount for Bf110D, both injection plastic and photo-etched options available
- Realistically detailed gun barrels are slide molded with hollow ends
- Engin has intricate detail represented by multiple parts
- Engine cowling cover can be assembled open/closed
- Detailed fuselage with sharp detail
- Fuselage possesses metal-skinned detail
- Three different depths of panel lines exhibit astonishing level of minute detail
- Aileron can be assembled in different position
- Realistic canvas pattern on tailfin w/authentic details
- Two types of wing flap realistically included as option
- Carefully reproduced oval-shaped tailfin specific to Bf110D
- Wing-mounted fuel tank for Bf110D
- Rudder represents teh real one
- Larger diameter tailwheel for Bf110D
- Detailed inspection covers with rivets
- Wings represent laminar-flow airfoil shape
- Detailed pitot tube on underside of wing
- Aircraft nose can be assembled in two options
- Propeller blades with curved cross-section and true-to-scale thickness
- Cockpit canopy with realistic detail
- Cockpit canopy antenna finely detailed
- Cockpit canopy can be positioned open/closed
- Detailed rear gunner position and MG15
- Detailed slide-molded engine cowling cover has maximum detail
- Realistically detailed gun barrels are slide molded with hollow ends
- Two drum-fed MG FF cannons under the fuselage
- Four MG 17 weapons for interior of upper nose
- Full cockpit interior details: pilot's seat, instrument panel, radio and MG ammo included
- Intricate MG ammo included: double-drums for MG 15, round drums for MG FF
- Antenna devices located on underside of fuselage: loop antenna, antenna array and antenna mast
- Includes finely detailed mounting ladder
- Landing gear compartment with interior detail: struts delicately rendered
- Ladning gear can be assembled in optional positions
- Strengthened landing gear realistically portrayed
- Wheels have realistic tread detail
- Two ETC500 bombs and pylons precisely reproduced under the fuselage
- Pilot's seatbelt upgraded by photo-etched parts
- Instrument panel authentically detailed
- Detailed underwing radiators
- Realistic radiator vents included
- Air filter has fine detail

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