AMT Sci-Fi Models 1/537 Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC1701 Cutaway Kit

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The U.S.S. Enterprisefrom STAR TREK®: The Original Series is one of the most indelible spacecraft in all of sci-fi. This re-issue of the AMT EnterpriseCutaway kit showcases the inner workings of the classic ship. It can be built to expose inner workings such as the bridge, shuttle hangar and warp nacelles or it can be built as a complete ship. A decal sheet is included to add all exterior markings and windows as well as some interior details as well. The kit has been upgraded to incorporate Round 2’s standard dome display base with metal support tube.
  • Build as full ship or as a cutaway
  • Nearly 22” long
  • Expanded decal sheet
  • Highly detailed model

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