AK Interactive Afrika Korps Camouflage Acrylic Paint Set (6 Colors) 17ml Bottles

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The Deutsche Afrika Korps vehicles wore 4 different RAL colors: 8000 and 7008 until March of 1942; 8020 and 7008 after March of 1942. Additionally, the vehicles were painted in a Panzer Grey 7021 paint base that in many cases was exposed when the painted camo was chipped. Finally, there is a discussion about the color of the Tiger I deployed in Tunisia because some sources identified them in Olive Drab. However, recent researchers identify the paint as RAL 8020 but in a more greenish shade than usual. This set presents the 6 colors to apply directly without the need to make complex paint mixtures or deep research about the colors used by DAK. Additionally, these new colors are subtle modify to compensate the scale effect in models. Accurate and real colors for lovers of precise paint.

This set contains:
  • AK700 RAL 8020 GELBBRAUN.
  • AK701 RAL 7027 GRAU.
  • AK702 RAL 8000 GELBBRAUN.
  • AK704 RAL 7021 Dunkelgrau.
  • AK705 RAL 7008 GRAUGRÜN POT 2.

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