AK Interactive Figure Series: Leather & Buckles Acrylic Paint Set (6 Colors) 17ml Bottles

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This set of paints belongs to the Figure Series line. Specially formulated by the art department to paint accessories, leather, buckles, buttons, boots, etc. on miniature figures from any period of the war. Paints are matte, of extremely high quality, and their covering and drying abilities are designed to maximize your ability to recreate any type of accessory. Can be applied by brush or airbrush, diluting with thinners specific for acrylic paints.

This set contains:
  • AK3031 Brown Leather.
  • AK3032 Strong Ocher.
  • AK3033 Leather Highlights.
  • AK3034 Leather Dark Shade.
  • AK3035 Siver & Metal.
  • AK3036 Gilt Metal.

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