AK Interactive Air Series: Luftwaffe Camouflages Vol.1 Acrylic Paint Set (8 Colors) 17ml Bottles

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This set of 8 colors in AIR SERIES line have been specially designed and formulated to paint early WWII German aircraft. This paint set includes the exact colors the Germans used to paint their aircraft and has been formulated in consideration of the Scale Reduction Effect (subtle lighter than actual color), to obtain the correct colors in our kits. All of these colors have been carefully studied by historians and formulated to accurately represent the colors of the Luftwaffe. Each box paint set contains references for different models. These acrylic paints can be used with both brush and airbrush. These paints are water soluble which prevents odors and the need for aggressive thinners.

This set contains:
  • AK2002 RLM 02
  • AK2003 RLM 65
  • AK2004 RLM 66
  • AK2005 RLM 70
  • AK2006 RLM 71
  • AK2007 RLM 74
  • AK2008 RLM 75
  • AK2009 RLM 76

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