AK Interactive OIF & OEF Modern US Vehicles Acrylic/Enamel Paint Set (121, 122, 123)

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The modern American vehicles in Afghanistan and Iraq are becoming a theme that is just as important as the German vehicles from WWII. Many brands of plastic kits are now inclined to produce vehicles from these two theaters of operations, OIF and OEF. This set has been exclusively designed for modelers that make these types of vehicles, they can, however, be used for subjects of other armies & time periods. These American vehicles tend to have a particular aspect and to achieve these affects the set contains one product for washes and another for the streaking effects. Also included is an acrylic base color of one of the most common colors of the American forces in desert zones, the FS 33446. A color faithfully reproduced and lightly softened to compensate for the scale effects. You can use this color on all your American vehicles and it can be weathered with the 2 weathering effect products included in this set to obtain results very close to that of real vehicles.

This set contains:

-AK-121 OIF & OEF Wash.
-AK-122 OIF & OEF US Vehicles Base color.
-AK-123 OIF & OEF Streaking Effects.

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