AK Interactive Cars & Civil Vehicle Series: Snow Effects Weathering Acrylic/Enamel Paint Set

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If you enjoy weathering and finish your vehicles in a realistic manner, you can’t do without our weathering products. In this set, you will find what is needed so that any vehicle will have the appearance of having run a snow rally. Perfect for rally vehicles or any street vehicles needed of some touches of resemblance to reality. The products are acrylics that can be mixed among them to achieve any range of tones and effects. It includes a user’s guide. The product Wet Effects Fluid is enamel and needs White Spirit; ideal for last touched of moisture on key places. Wet Effects cannot be mixed with the other two components of the set directly, but can be applied on top once the others are dry.

Set content:

  • AK8088 Snow texture (Acrylic)
  • AK8087 Wet Ground (Acrylic Splatter effects)
  • AK079 Wet Effects Fluid (Enamel)

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