AK Interactive Books - Modern Conflicts Vol. 3: Arab Revolutions & Border Wars 1980-2018 Profile Guide Book

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A fascinating new book, and probably the first to look at the vehicles used in the revolutions and borders wars in the Middle East from a modeler’s perspective. We have checked the book out and give it a definite thumbs-up. About 3/4 of the book is taken up with color profiles, with their associated subject in an inset photo and the back 1/4 covers some of the AFVs in more detail. The book is packed full of freaky and downright odd vehicles and is heartily recommended to modelers.

Regular Armies covered are Moroccan, Algerian, Lybian, Sudanese and SLPA, Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni and Turkish. ‘Non-regular’ Armies covered: Peshmerga, Kurdish, Daesh and others.
    • Soft Cover
    • 148 Pages
  1. Introduction
  2. Regular Arab Armies:
    2.1 Moroccan Army
    2.2 Algerian Army
    2.3 Libyan Army
    2.4 Sudan and SPLA Vehicles
    2.5 Egyptian Modern Army
    2.6 Syrian Army
    2.3 Irak [sic] Army
    2.7.1 Modern Vehicles used by Iraq Army
    2.7.2 Non-Regular Armies Operating in Iraq
    2.8 Yemeni Army
    2.9 Turkish Army
  3. Arab Rebel Armies:
    3.1 Peshmerga Vehicles
    3.2 Kurds Vehicles
    3.3 Daesh (ISIS) Vehicles
  4. Middle East War Machines:
    4.1 T-72 Middle East Street Fighter
    4.2 T-62 Smoothbore Sniper
    4.3 T-55 A Soviet Icon
    4.4 2S3 Akatsiya Soviet Heavy Hitter
    4.5 ZU-23X4 Shilka, Four Barrelled Street Fighter

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