AK Interactive AFV Series: US Army & USMC Green Acrylic Paint Set (6 Colors) 17ml Bottles

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This set contains the main green colors used by the United States Army and the Marine Corps during World War II. Included are various versions of Olive Drab used during the war. The range of greens starts with a clear matte version used in the years leading up to and the start of World War II, to a darker glossy tone used in 1944. This set also includes OD 50, a post WWII version that was used on vehicles throughout the Korean War.

This set contains:

  • AK4211 Olive Drab Nº9 (FS33070)
  • AK4212 Olive Drab Nº22
  • AK4213 Olive Drab 50’ (FS34087)
  • AK4013 USMC Forest Green (FS34079)
  • AK4214 Light Green Nº1 (FS34151)
  • AK4215 Olive Drab Nº31 (FS34084)

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