AK Interactive AFV Series: US Army & USMC Camouflage Acrylic Paint Set (6 Colors) 17ml Bottles

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This set contains camouflage colors used by both the U.S. Army and Marine Corps throughout World War II. Paint any vehicle used by the U.S. Army in the mild climate theater of operations (Europe, Pacific), desert (Africa and Italy) and arctic climate (snowy terrains). This set allows us to paint from the colorful camouflage colors used by the Marines in the Solomon Islands, or the army vehicles used in the invasion of Sicily with striking patterns in two shades of green and sand. This set is ideal for combining with the colors from the set AK4210 US ARMY & USMC GREEN COLORS.

This set contains:

  • AK735 Black (FS37038)
  • AK4221 Nº5 Earth Brown (FS30099)
  • AK4222 Nº6 Earth Yellow (FS30257)
  • AK4223 Nº8 Earth Red (FS30117)
  • AK4224 Nº13 Desert Sand (FS30279)
  • AK4225 Ocean Gray (FS35164)

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