AK Interactive AFV Series: Unfinished German Vehicles Weathering Enamel Set (4 Colors, 2 Pencils) 35ml Bottles

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The vehicles in process of assembly in workshops present an unusual and characteristic finish. The reddish hue of the German primer color is very striking and needs special weathering to make the most of it. With this set, the modeler will find the typical reddish color Rotbraun and a wash to highlight the vehicle’s shapes which are painted with this color. Also, the effect to simulate with this color the dust that is accumulated in workshops and factories and even the oxide tones of the plates that were not painted. It includes a special non-greasy graphite detailing pencil for the bare metal of the worn edges of the vehicles.

This set includes all the basics to achieve a realistic effect of this type of painting. Resulting in an original vehicle, different and with very striking contrasts.
  • AK 015 Dust Effects
  • AK 093 Wash for Interior
  • AK 717 Rotbraun
  • AK 4112 Medium Rust Deposits
  • AK 4177 Graphite Detailing Pencil
  • AK 4178 White Chalk Lead

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