AFV Club Mllitary 1/35 WWII Late 105mm Howitzer M2A1 & M2A2 Carriage Kit

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Long-serving US standard light field howitzer, WWII through Vietnam - late WWII version. Kit features injection-molded equilibrator springs moveable with gun barrel, pivoting split trails, 1-piece cradle with workable recoil action, new tool scale thickness  2-layer gun shield), detailed breech mechanism with sliding block, intricate gun laying controls, coaxial .50 caliber M2 ranging machine gun, turned metal gun barrel with rifling, vinyl tires (late tread pattern) and photo-etch fine details. The model may be assembled in your choice of firing or transport configuration.

Decals and painting guide for 5 field pieces:

  • 1st Marine Brigade Korea, August 1950
  • Taiwan Army and US army (x3)

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