AFV Club Military 1/35 US M36 Tank Destroyer w/90mm Gun Motor Carriage Kit

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The M36 was built on the petrol engine M10A1 vehicle hulls which remained stateside for training while the diesel M10 saw extensive service in NW Europe and elsewhere. Armed with a M3 90mm gun the M36 used a newly designed turret with large rear overhang counterweight to balance the extra weight of the 90mm gun with the initial vehicles issued without a muzzle brake and a thread protector fitted to the muzzle before the later introduction of the large M26 style muzzle brake. Other versions were the M36B1 with the M36 turret on the M4A3 hull and from early 1945 the M36B2 using surplus M10 hulls as the supply of the M10A1 hulls ran out, but these didn’t see action during WWII but were used extensively in Korea and right up to the 90’s in Bosnia. These vehicles were most often fitted with turret roof armor and the later M3A1 90mm gun with a redesigned single baffle muzzle brake.

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