AFV Club Military 1/35 US LVT4 Water Buffalo Early Amphibious Vehicle Kit


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  • Excellent exterior detail, workable suspension with vinyl track lengths, fully detailed forward crew compartment (with gearbox) and aft troop compartment interiors, clear-molded periscope vision blocks, 2 each M1919 cal .30 and M2 cal.50 machine guns, choice of 3 types of M2 gun shields, nylon cord ramp cable, optional position rear ramp, separately molded hatches and winch/storage compartment cover panels, photo-etch grilles and film gauges
  • Decals and painting guide for 5 vehicles: US Army, Manila, February 1945; US Army 351st Infantry Regiment, Northern Italy, April 1945; USMC, Iwo Jima, February 1945; ROC Marines, October 1961 and US Army 7th Infantry Division, Okinawa, April 1945.

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