AFV Club Military 1/35 38cm RW61 Sturmtiger Tank Kit

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The Sturmtiger has always had a certain mystique about it with many stories emerging about its capabilities when first encountered and thankfully out of the 18 produced there are two examples surviving today, an early production model at Kubinka in Russia and a later production model now housed at Munster in Germany.

The kit best represents the later model at Munster with the 600mm idler wheel, later barrel with 31 gas holes (take note that some publications say there are 32 or 30 gas holes in the muzzle but there are actually 31 in the later barrel) as well as the later driver’s visor and revised glacis machine gun housing with the tracks without ice cleats. Some of the early features found on the Kubinka vehicle are included in the kit such as the front hull bolted armour panel, the early glacis machine gun housing and revised barrel counter weight but some other early vehicles had the 700mm idler and different shape mantlet which are not included while others had the later tracks with ice cleats which are also not included in the kit.

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