Academy Aircraft 1/72 AH64D Apache Block II early Version Helicopter Kit

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The AH-64 was developed for the Advanced Attack Helicopter back in the mid 1970’s and was to replace the AH-1 Cobra. First flown in 1975 and introduced into the US Army in 1986, the aircraft had many upgrades since then it’s introduction. The “D” version or “Longbow” increased the helicopters lethality and situational awareness. The most noticeable addition to the Delta model is a mast mounted radar located above the main rotor. With the radar above the rotor, it allows the Apache to detect targets while remaining behind cover. The main rotor shaft is hollow which allows a fixed shaft to extend through the hollow rotor which allows the attachment of the radar. Other enhancements include a “glass” cockpit, advanced sensors and upgraded engines. Most if not all of the “A” model Apaches have been converted to “D” model standards.

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