Academy Aircraft 1/72 P51D Mustang Fighter Kit

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Shipped From Internet Hobbies Warehouse

The controversy will never end, but of all the World War II fighter planes, the P-51D Mustang has to be regarded as the best all around fighter. The Focke-Wulf 190 may have been a better dog-fighter; the A6M5 Zero was probably the most nimble, but the tremendous range, firepower and speed of the Mustand endeared it to all who flew this outstanding airplane.

Designed in only 90 days for the RAF, the original A-36 design was a fair but not outstanding airplane. When the plane was wedded to the superb Rolls Royce Merlin engine, the results were phenomenal.
  • Highly detailed cockpit interior & landing gear bay.
  • Fully engraved panel lines & rivet detail.
  • Optional position canopy, landing gear and main wing flap.

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