Ace Military Models 1/72 V15T 4x4 WWII French Artillery Tractor Kit

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V15T was designed by Laffly as an artillery tractor, mainly for transportation of 25 mm Hotchkiss SA Mle.34 and SA-L Mle.37 AT guns. V15T has different nontrivial chassis equipped with Laffly-s business card - erratic small wheels at the bow and under the floor, which improved throughput. The main customer of V15T was the cavalry, for which light crawler tractors Renault UE were not mobile enough. In late 1938 Laffly received an order for 100 trucks V15T, but factory, overloaded with orders, was able to release only 80 cars, and 20 more in 1940, after which the production stopped. The total order for 1940 was 1386 cars, but in reality only 200 were produced.

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