Ace Military 1/72 XM706E1 (V100) Commando Armored Patrol Car Kit


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XM-706 E1 (V-100) was built by Cadillac Gage from 1964 and used widely in Vietnam for recon, convoy escort and base perimeter defense. It was initially deployed in the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force as well as ARVN and Thai forces and later used by many other Military and Police organizations around the world. The M706 was powered by a 215 hp, V8 gasoline engine with amphibious capability, 4 wheel drive and a high ground clearance. XM706 was fitted with the T-50 turret that could be fitted with 2x M37.30 caliber machine guns, 2x M73 7.62x51mm machine guns and also FN MAGs and M60s.

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