Academy Military 1/35 Tiger I Early Exterior Tank Kit

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The German Tiger tank was one of the most powerful tanks to see use in WWII and was greatly feared and respected by the Allies because of its 88mm main gun and thick armor plate. Tiger production began in 1942 and the tank remained in production with minor modifications through the end of WWII. Typically, Tigers had a crew of 5. They could travel at up to 23mph on hard roads and were powered by Maybach 21,353cc V-12 engines that delivered 642hp.
  • 312 parts in tan and black plastic.
  • 88mm gun elevates and turret rotates.
  • Separate road wheels and suspension arms; tracks are rubber band type.
  • External details include exhausts and exhaust shields, hatches, smoke generators, headlights, and 4 figures.
  • Detailed engine access and turret hatches.

Marking Options: 

  • 1: #S13, 2nd SS Panzer Div. “Das Reich, Kursk, Russia, 1943.
  • 2: #S03, 1st SS Panzer Div., Michael Wittmann, Berdichev, Russia, Jan 1944.
  • 3: #123, 502nd Heavy Tank Btn, Otto Carius, Lovetz, Russia, 1943.
  • 4: #712, 504th Heavy Tank Btn, Tunisia, Afrika Korps, 1943.

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