Academy Military 1/35 M60A2 US Army Patton Tank Kit

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In 1972, the US Army introduced a variant of the M60 main battle tank to compliment existing 105mm equipped M60A1 tank units. This new tank used the same chassis, but mounted a new lower-profile turret that housed the M48 152mm main gun that could fire larger caliber rounds at closer ranges than the M60A1 as well as the MGM-51 Shillelagh anti-tank missile through the tube. This new variant was designated M60A2 and nicknamed 'Starship' for the sophisticated electronics used inside. Of course the low-profile turret was offset by a large commanders cupola on top which assured the M60A2 was as visible on the battlefield as the M60A1.

The M60A2 didn't remain in front-line service very long as the fire control system suffered maintenance issues and the missile couldn't penetrate tanks with heavy armor that they faced across the Iron Curtain. The M60A2 was relegated to reserve units for a time and then had their distinctive turrets removed and either converted to M60A3 or AVLB bridge layers.

  • Lower hull features motorization hole plugs
  • Nice road wheels and suspension detail
  • Link and length track
  • New rear engine grille section with cast-metal texturing
  • Upper hull has movable driver's hatch and anti-slip surface texture in the right places
  • New turret with anti-slip surface texture in the right places
  • New xenon search light
  • Choice of gun tube (with or without bore extractor)
  • Gun is movable in elevation
  • Positionable side hatches on the turret
  • Detailed commander's cupola
  • Distinctive rear-mounted smoke grenade launchers
  • Detailed rear turret stowage racks with photo-etched grilles
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