Academy Military 1/35 M113A1 APC Vietnam Tank Kit

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The M-113 APC was developed for the US Army in the late '50s and since then has seen use by the armies of over 50 countries. The M113 is a fairly small vehicle, yet it can carry a squad of 10 soldiers, and is amphibious. It proved especially useful in Southeast Asia where it easily traveled through waterlogged jungles. The standard armament of the M113 is a single .50cal machine gun - subject to many field upgrades! Over 325 parts in olive, grey, & clear plastic with flexible PVC tracks. Detailed chassis with individual suspension arms and road wheels. External details: optional position rear hatch, tow cable, tow hooks, lights, machine gun and mount, tools, separate front hatch, and camouflage netting. Optional turrets for US, Korean, & Australian Armies, plus M132 flamethrower. Full and authentic interior features engine and drive train, bench seats, storage locker and radio, & driver's controls. 7 figures plus field accessories: backpacks, canteens, and rolled up tents. MARKING OPTIONS: One decal sheet with markings for 4 vehicles: 1: M113A1 "The Big Stuff", US Army Armored Cavalry. 2: M113A1, Republic of Korea Army. 3: M113A1, Royal Australian Army. 4: M132A1 Flamethrower "Burn Baby Burn"

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