Academy Military 1/35 M10 GMC US Army Destroyer Normandy Invasion Kit

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70th Anniversary Normandy Invasion

Originally developed as part of a mobile tank destroyer force in 1941, the M10 was composite solution to a complex problem. The US Army used a modified M4 Sherman chassis to transport a 76mm (3 inch) anti-aircraft gun in an open-top turret. The US was not the only ones to adapt an AA gun for anti-tank duties, the Germans used the 88mm AA gun against British and US armor in North Africa with devastating results.
  • Detailed road wheels and suspension system
  • Detailed transmission Detailed driver's station
  • Detailed radio operator's station w/radio set
  • Positionable crew hatches
  • Ammunition racks with ammo tubes
  • Grouser racks on the rear hull sides
  • Choice of photo-etch or styrene light guards
  • Nicely detailed M7 76.2mm main gun in open-top turret .30 caliber and .50 caliber machine guns on turret-top pintles
  • Nice selection of external stowage gear and pioneering tools

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