Academy Aircraft 1/48 V-156-B1 (SB2U) Chesapeake WWII Fighter/Bomber Kit

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On March 28, 1940, the French government placed an order for an additional 50 V-156-F’s, with deliveries to begin during early 1941.  Due to the production of the SB2U-3 for the Marine Corps, it became necessary for Vought to sub-contract many of the V-156-F subassemblies.  As a result of this delay, the second production batch of V-156-F’s was not ready for delivery before France fell, and the contract was taken over by the British, with the V-156-F’s being re-designated as the V156-B1 and given the name "Chesapeake".

To meet British requirements the throttle arrangement was returned to the original design (forward to increase power).  The Vought bomb displacement gear was reinstalled.  The larger fuel tanks of the SB2U-3 were incorporated and armor protection for the crew and fuel tanks was provided.  Also, the forward-firing armament was increased to four wing-mounted .30-caliber machine guns instead of the single gun used on the SB2U-2. The fence-type wing dive brakes were deleted.  Installation of a British tail hook was considered, but this is not known to have actually occurred.  It is believed all V-156-B1’s retained the U.S. Navy tail hook.


  • Choice of two early WWII markings - Royal Navy and French Marine Nationale
  • Detailed reproduction of the cockpit and landing gear
  • Accurately engraved precise panel lines and rivets
  • Photo-etched parts and paint mask included


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