Tamiya Military 1/48 German Nashorn Self-Propelled Heavy Anti-Tank Destroyer w/8.8cm Pak 43/1 Gun Kit

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Nashorn (German "Rhinoceros"), initially known as Hornisse (German "Hornet"), was a German tank destroyer of World War II. It was developed as an interim solution in 1942 by equipping a light turretless chassis with the Pak 43 heavy anti-tank gun. Though only lightly armored and displaying a high profile, it could frontally penetrate any Allied tank at long range, and its relatively low cost and superior mobility to heavier vehicles ensured it remained in production until the war's end.

This is a highly detailed model of the WWII German tank destroyer Nashorn. The German Army developed self-propelled anti-tank guns in order to counter the overpowering Russian T-34 and KV tanks, and the Nashorn had particularly overwhelming power among the many anti-tank guns produced. The production started in February 1943, and the Nashorn sported an L/71 8.8cm Pak43/1 gun which was capable of penetrating armor from a long distance. At the Italian Front, the Nashorn knocked out an M4 Sherman at 2.8 kilometers, and its excellent firepower was indispensable to the German forces until the end of WWII.


• 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 176mm, width: 62mm.
• The suspension and hull sides are accurately depicted, and the main gun with its cradle and fighting compartment is realistically recreated.
• Moving main gun features realistic elevation/depression and traverse.
• Assembly-type tracks have single-piece straight sections with upper run ‘sag’.
• Includes plate weights to give the model a realistically heavy feel.
• Comes with one figure in winter uniform looking into binoculars and 2 Eastern Front 1944 marking options: 519th Heavy Anti-Tank Battalion, Eastern Front, February 1944 & 3rd Company, 88th Heavy Anti-Tank Battalion, Eastern Front, 1944

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