I Love Kit Military 1/25 US Army WWII M19 Soft Top Tank Transporter Kit

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Model Dimensions     Length: 464mm Width: 82.5 mm 
Total Parts     790+
Metal Parts     N/A
Etched Parts     2 PCS
Film     N/A
Resin parts     N/A
Box Contents     18 sprues, trailer and tires
The Diamond T980/981 is a heavy-duty tank tractor that was used during World War II and years after the war. The Diamond T980 was developed by the Diamond T company in Chicago as the main vehicle for carrying heavy tanks. In 1940, the British army needed heavy tank tractors in order to transport larger and heavier tanks. Many similar American trucks participated in the bidding. Diamond T had been producing transportation vehicles for the US logistics force for a long time and had just developed a prototype of a heavy tractor for the US military. Therefore, only a simple modification was made to meet the needs of the United Kingdom, and 200 vehicles were quickly started. Production. This is the later Diamond T980 and later T981, the most successful and memorable of this class of vehicles. Equipped with a 14.5-liter "Wuxianza" diesel engine with an output of 201 hp, it was able to transport the heaviest tanks of the time.

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