Faller HO Knopf & Knopf Button Museum Kit

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The original model of the Knopf & Knopf museum in Warthausen. Two one-story brick annexes were added to the gable walls of the former railway building, which are now used as the foyer and additional exhibition area. The upper stories of the two and a half story building are shingle clad and all the decorative Frisian, fascia, roofing and window trim are color coordinated. Illuminated external advertising and an oversized button atop the hipped roof (motorizable, 12-16 V, AC voltage) indicate the new purpose of the house over a long distance.

This building kit contains:
  • 312 single parts in 5 colors
  • Window foil
  • 1 paper mask
  • 1 decoration
  • 2 LEDs
  • 1 construction instruction

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