Das Werk 1/72 U-Boat "S.M. U-Boot 9" Kit


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SM U9 (Seiner Majestät U-Boot) was a petroleum-electric submarine of the German Imperial Navy of WW1. The double-hulled U-Boat was 57.38 m long, 6.00 m wide, had a draft of 3.13 m, and a displacement of 493 tons above and 611 tons underwater. It could dive to a maximum of 50 m in about 50–90 seconds.

It was powered by 1000 HP petroleum motors on the surface and by 1160 HP electric motors while submerged. With these U9 can speed up to 14.2 knots above water and 8.1 knots underwater. The armament consisted of six torpedoes that could be fired through two bow and two stern tubes.

The U9 was commissioned as the first ship in its class in July 1908 and launched in February 1910. On September 22nd, 1914 U9 sank the three British armoured cruisers HMS Aboukir, HMS Hogue and HMS Cressy one after the other and on October 15th the British armoured cruiser HMS Hawke under the command of Kapitänleutnant Otto Weddigen. After that, the boat U9 was allowed to carry an Iron Cross on the tower. Apart from U9, only the small cruiser SMS Emden received this honour during WW1.


  • -Exceptional Mission History
  • First plastic kit from this era in 1/72
  • Special gift (100-page book) include in the 1st Edition
  • Exceptional Surface Details
  • Many Optional Parts
  • Over 80cm (over 31”) long

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