Bronco Military 1/35 British M22 Lucust T9E1 Airborne Tank Kit

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The T9 was designed by US firm Marmon-Harrington to a British specification for a light air portable tank to be used by the Airborne Divisions in NW Europe after initial testing weight had to be reduced and along with other changes became the T9E1. This was designated the M22 with the British giving it the name Locust and it weighed in at 7.5 tons, was armed with a 37mm M3 gun and co-axial M1914 cal.30 MG in a small two-man turret mounted on a welded hull. A total of 830 were built between late 1943 and early 1945 with 260 shipped to Britain, these being assigned to the 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment who used the Locust in its only combat deployment during Operation Varsity in March 1945. Of the eight Locusts deployed, only two were serviceable after the glider landings and due to the overall poor performance was declared obsolete by the end of the War. 

The kit consists of:

  • 273 parts in olive drab plastic
  • 8 clear plastic parts
  • 39 etched parts
  • 1 decal sheet
  • 14 page instruction booklet

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